Terms and Conditions


These General Hiring Terms and Conditions represent the general regulation of the services provided by DIWALLIA Inc. based (with headquarters) in Venezuela, in case of hiring some product or any of the services rendered by the company.


The website www.diwallia.com as well as all the contents and services offered therein, are the exclusive property of DIWALLIA Inc. and are protected by the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights, as well as by the current regulations on industrial and intellectual property, brands and patents.

Any reproduction, copying, distribution, transmission, alteration, modification or exploitation thereof not covered herein, unless expressly authorized by the owner is prohibited.

The intellectual property rights of www.diwallia.com belong exclusively to DIWALLIA Inc. so, no access or use of the services and contents made available to the user through this website, will be liable to be interpreted in any case as an acquisition by the user of any right over the contents contained therein.


Communications between the Customer and DIWALLIA Inc. will be maintained via email since it is essential that everything be recorded in writing due to an issue of process and clarity of them for both parties.

The Customer will have the power to perform the activities related to the task to monitor the project by himself/herself or through his/her representative, in order to know and verify the compliance with the different stages of development and its adjustment to the instructions provided.

Likewise, it will be the Customer own duty to provide the maximum, timely and efficient collaboration to his/her contractor when it is required as a condition of the project advance and its results.

If the Customer requests additional instances as well as online meetings, they will have an associated cost per hour.

The content and material necessary to perform the service to the Customer, should be presented in the requested formats in order to extract different elements without having to carry out any process. In the case of a text, it must be submitted in a format that allows to be handled (Word), to be able to copy and paste it in a simple way and not as a graphic element that implies typing it for its inclusion in the website.  All images should be submitted in digital format and not printed.

Execution times of services are subject to the Customer  delivery of the materials in a timely manner and with the necessary corrections when DIWALLIA Inc. requests it.

If the Customer who hires web services, requests corrections that are not reasonable (for example: change the approved basic design, once the project is finished), DIWALLIA Inc. has every right to decide if it is in conditions to make them or not, and if so, there will be an extra charge for them.


All services have a price or range of prices established according to the characteristics of the work required and the time of development invested to achieve it. These prices may be subject to adjustments that compensate possible changes of the market, or be temporarily substituted by special promotional prices. Values are established in American Dollars (USD).

DIWALLIA Inc. will prepare a proposal according to the request of service(s) that the Customer wants. In said proposal, the value of investment will be quoted, and the payment modalities as well as the validity thereof will be specified.

Either the payment of a percentage of the price or the totality of the proposal is considered as a sign of acceptance thereof including its Terms and Conditions.

Once the Customer has paid for any of our services, the prices and the validity of the proposal will be maintained for a maximum of 3 calendar months. After this period, if the Customer has not given “signs of life” necessary to the advance of the project (such as delivery of materials, design selection, answering emails, etc.), regardless of the causes of the lack of communication, DIWALLIA Inc. is in its legal right to terminate the project, prior written notice to its contracting party and this one cannot claim any compensation whatsoever.

The validity of this proposal includes what the Customer initially hired. If the Customer wishes to make additions and/or changes to what was initially requested, they must be quoted separately.


For all those services which payments are monthly, the contract will be effective from the date of hire and its minimum term will be the previously stipulated, automatically renewable on a monthly basis unless either party communicates its decision not to renew to the other one. The communication of that decision should be sent in writing with return of read receipt, with a minimum of 7 days in advance, prior to the automatic renewal of the contract.


DIWALLIA Inc. uses the Hosting service with a company from Singapore. In this sense DIWALLIA Inc. is not responsible in case of failure of the Hosting server. However, it is committed to give support in case of faults in the service and to contact the Hosting Company, to try to solve the problem as soon as possible.


DIWALLIA Inc. uses “cookies”, which are small files that are installed on your computer and that track you anonymously in order to show you advertising and related services. These cookies are also used to count your visits to our website, the pages you visit and the time you stay in them. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not continue browsing our site. Browsing this website implies acceptance of our use of cookies.


DIWALLIA Inc. reserves the right to terminate immediately or indefinitely suspend customer services, in case of a breach, non-payment or if we find reasonable grounds to believe that our Terms and Conditions are being violated. In addition, DIWALLIA Inc. reserves the right to terminate the services at our discretion, in case the Customer adopts a position that is considered unacceptable.


Upon receipt of your request, the services will be performed according to the terms applicable to the services you hired. The nature of the services you purchase and the date of your purchase can have an impact on the promptness of the service performance. The services will be deemed successfully delivered to you when their performance begins.


Upon receipt of your order, you will be assisted to start your download immediately or will receive an email from us with instructions to do it. Upon receiving such assistance, the completion of the process will constitute the delivery of the item(s) you purchased. If you receive the email above indicated its receipt will constitute the delivery by us of the purchased material.   In case you cannot download the purchased articles or do not receive instructions to do so, you should contact us within 5 days from the date of your order, otherwise, said material will be considered as received, downloaded and delivered to you.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a full refund of your money or a change for another item or service. You can return or exchange your purchase within a period of up to 120 days after the date of acquisition. Products returned or exchanged must be in the condition you received them.


As is public knowledge, some of the most important websites in the world: such as Facebook, the Pentagon website, the FBI, among others, have been have been repeatedly hacked.

In this sense, it is clear that absolutely all the websites of the world are exposed to the attack of hackers, who regularly use the website as a platform for cyber scams (phishing).

Although the hosting company takes the security measures necessary to protect your website that does not guarantee in any way that the website cannot be hacked. Hacks work just like viruses on computers, even if you have the latest antivirus installed, it does not mean you will not get more virus on your computer. Hackers always manage to launch viruses that break through all security barriers. But clearly one is more exposed and vulnerable if security measures are not taken.


Diwallia Inc. is not responsible and excludes any liability, for damages of any kind, which may be due to the use of web services offered by the company.